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Hours of Operation

( At this time, see Calendar )

Weekly Events





- Pool Team - check schedule

- Tuesday Night Country line dancing. Fun, friendly, high energy line dancing. 7:00pm - 10:30PM

Tango "Practica" 7 - 10pm

Rick's Varity Show 7:00 - 10pm

- Poker at 6:00

- Tacos by Charlie Bell $2.00 each 6:00 - 7:30

- LineDance Lessons with Nanci 6:30 - 7:30 PM

- Ohana Line Dancing 7:30 - 10:30 PM

Note: Actual Lodge closing time is at the discression of the bartender.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, January 6, 2024
District Meeting in Monterey Legion - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Saturday, Feburary 3, 2024
District Meeting in Monterey Legion - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Friday, February 9, 2024
Articles due for Mar/Apr Sunnyvale Moose Lodge Newsletter
Saturday, March 2, 2024
District Meeting in San Jose Legion - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Saturday, April 6, 2024
District Meeting in Santa Cruz Legion - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Friday, April 12, 2024
Articles due for May/Jun Sunnyvale Moose Lodge Newsletter
Saturday, May 4, 2024
District Meeting in TBD Legion - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm

Camp Ross

In the 1940's and 50's, Harold Ross was a sales executive for a printing firm that printed the Moose Magazine and a devoted Moose and member of Moose Morris Lodge 1551. In 1937 he bought 89 acres of raw property south of town. He built a rustic cabin and planted 18,000 pine, oak,ash cherry and walnut trees. In 1957 with his children grown and gone, he and his wife Dorothy gave the entire property to Hooseheart. By June 1960, thanks to $100,000 invested by the Moose Legion and three years of work by Mooseheart staff and students, the camp was ready for dedication as part of that year's International Convention with nearly 2,000 members making the long trek from Chicago to Mt. Morris.

Camp Ross, supported by Moose Legion, provides year-round camping facilities for Mooseheart children and staff. It is located about 70 miles west of Mooseheart. Structures on the property include a Mess hall, White Eagle Guest House, Director's Cabin, Youth Cabins, Bunkhouse and a staff Cabin.

The mess hall is equipped with a large industrial kitchen, a large common area for meals, an entertainment area with fireplaces, TV/DVD/VCR, games and puzzles. There is a screened-in porch with ping-pong and air hockey as well as bothrooms and a laundry facility. In addition, there is also an apartment area with two bedrooms and a bothroom. The building is available year round with heating and air conditioning.

The Director's cabin has a carpeted living/dining room area, kitchen, a bothroom with a tub, a bedroom with a queen size bed and a bedroom with two twin beds. This cabin is available year round with heating and air conditioning.

Youth cabins sleep 8 in bunk beds and have two bathrooms each with a shower.

The two story bunkhouse lower level has a carpeted living room with a fireplace, a common area kitchen, a master bedroom with a private bath and shower, and two bedrooms with a shower in each. Upstairs, there's a bedroom with two twin beds, two additional bedrooms with a single bed each and a large room with 11 sets of bunkbeds. The bunkhouse is available year round with heat only.

The staff cabin has a screened porch, a living room, two bedrooms with single beds in each, a bathroom with a shower. The staff cabin is avaiable May to September with air conditioning.

There is also a swimming pool with both male and female bathroom and shower facilities. The pool is generally open Memorial Day through Labor Day.

President's Message

Eugene Bustichi

happy Holidays!

Many things are happening at our lodge. By this time next year we should be in our new lodge. The board has been working tirelessly on plans and specific details trying to get everything just right for us.

As our board has been volunteering a lot of time to this, and I can't thank then enough, we also need volunteers to cook, bartend, clean and much more. A couple of hours here and there would be a big help.

Also, Charlie is looking to retire. We are hoping someone who who has the ability will come forward and take over as our administrator.

In closing, I thanks you for all you do to make our lodge one of the best.

God Bless America and All her Soldiers.

Eugene Bustichi

Administrator's Message

Charlie Bell

Administrator’s Message

Hello Everyone,

December brought the Cops Care "Fantasy Flight" Community Service event. The program is for children with terminal cancer and we have been supporting it for 14 years. As in years past we supplied all the food and drinks for this worthwhile event. Our volunteers cooked and served the food and drinks to approximately 500 famlies, volunteers, and public service personnel from north and south bay cities.

We need more volunteers. If you would like to help out on Friday night dinners, Sunday Jam Sessions, any lodge function or dinner dance, please contact me so I can call you or schedule you for a monthly dinner. With that said, I would like to thank all the volunteers we have now and through the years. It becomes a tiresome job to do all the time, and I really appreciate all you volunteers do for this lodge.

As most of you know, I had a heart attack and as such Carol and I have applied for Moosehaven. So our lodge is looking for a new administrator. You must have computer skills, and a little knowledge of Quickbooks would help also. We probably won't be leaving for 5 months, so if you are interested please apply quickly so I can give you some training and you can take the classes needed.

Charlie Bell

From the Editor

Kay Peterson

As we begin the new year our lodge is bustling with activities and events. Check out the Entertainment Corner and the calendars in this issue and visit our website often ( for updates. Keep in mind that these activities do not just happen. Consider volunteering in areas you enjoy. Your participation will be greatly appreciated. A special thank you to all our volunteers for the untold hours they contribute to make our various Moose functions a success!

A reminder that the Moose Membership Mobile App is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. The App includes the new electronic Moose membership card, Your Moose membership record, the lodge locator, and the General Laws of the Fraternity, as well as instant access to pay dues or sign a new member. Use your existing Moose "My Membership Record" user name and password to log in, or if you do not have an existing user name and password login to, register in the app.

The membership expiration date is in the same location as on the printed card. The electronic is almost identical to the printed card, however, if a member is marked as a Valued Veteran, the card will carry the Vaued Verteran design. The electronic card does NOT have a magnetic strip, but rather a QR code instead, so you will still need to carry your printed card for entrance to lodges that have a magnetic strip reader on the entrance door that has not yet been upgraded with a QR code reader.


Kay Peterson

Sunnyvale Moose Lodge Newsletter
Published bimonthly by Sunnyvale Moose Lodge 2049
905 Kifer Road • Sunnyvale CA 94086 408-735-1377

Deadline for submitting content for the next newsletter is the 10th of the month.
Email your copy to

Moose Charities News

Chuck Barber
Moose Charties

Mooseheart is hosting this year's 5k event IN-PERSON AND VIRTUALLY!

As we start a New Year,2024, let us all try to get involved with the philantropic efforts of the Moose Fraternity in an even stronger way by joining in the Doner's Circle program. Just a recurring $10 monthly donation by bank draft or automatic withdrawal earns you membership in the Circle as well as the M&M club. So, let us make 2024 our year of Doner's Circle and, by the way, our lodge and Association also get credit for your donations.

Doner's circle is a recognition program of moose Charties honoring donors like you for tax-deductible Endowmwnt Fund conations.

When you give to Doner's Circle you'll earn a beautiful heart and stone pins to commemorate each significant giving level. Your first pin is earned at $100.

As you earn pins, please wear them proudly and share the story of Mooseheart abd Moosehaven at every opportunity. Your primary lodge will receive credit towards their total giving for the year as well so it is a win-win, If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Chuck Barber

Moose legion News

Alan Childs
Moose Legion

A few words about mentoring

Our Moose organization is comprised of men and women from all walks of life. They are the backbone of our Moose Fraternity and bring, along with their dedication, talent and useful ideas.

Mentoring should be an intergral part of what we all do to ensure we continually support our locaal lodges, communities, Mooseheart (Our Child City) and MooseMoosehaven (city of Contentment) for our seniors.

We should strive in a very positive way to find out what our members enjoy doing, and then help them to achieve it in a volunteer position. We should praise our menbers. How about a phone call to say "Hello," a get well or "thinking of you" card, a "welcome" in the Social Quarters or just saying "thanks" as we pass in the halls? It costs zero to give a pat on the back and we feel great giving one too. It certainly makes a positive difference in how members view not only themselves, but each of us, as we part of this great Fraternity.

We join for many reasons. but most of all to be of help whenever and wherever we can. The Sunnyvale Moose Lodge #2049 and it's WOTH Chapter #1283 are significant value to our community and to every level of our Fraternity. Together, we make a huge difference.

In closing, I thank each of you for giving your energy, time, monetary donations, dues, and your hundreds of hours of volunteering throughout the year. Your MENTORING makes a difference and provides help to others, and we need to tell you that. Please keep up your superb effort.

Alan Childs

Youth Awareness

Kathy Childs
Moose Youth Awareness

Youth Awareness Scholarships

Attention High School Students

  • Are you looking to earn Community Service credit?
  • Excellent Experience for Your Resume!

The Moose is here to help!

Students that complete the minimum requirements will receive a recognition certificate and a $50 Visa card as a thank you for all of your hard work.

Finalists will receive $500 from the CA/NV Moose Riders and an all-expenses paid, round trip to the International Youth Awareness Congress in Roanoke, Virginia, on April 25-29, 2024 and may win one of five scholarships awarded for $12,000, $8,000, $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000. All funded by the Moose Legion - The Degree of Service.

How to Qualify:

  • Attend one of the three Youth Awareness Informational Meetings at the Sunnyvale Moose Lodge, 905 Kifer Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
  • Choose one meeting to attend:
    Thursday, Sept. 7 or Thursday, Oct.5 or Monday, Oct. 16 Registration 4:10 pm-4:30 pm, Meeting 4:30-7:30 pm (includes light dinner) Parents are encouraged (but not required) to attend.

There are a limited number of sponsorships available. Sponsorships will be filled in order they are received. Applications must be turned in no later than two days before the meeting that you choose to attend (see above Sunnyvale Moose Lodge dates). View the Youth Awareness Informational Video at:

For a Student Application, Brochure, Registration, and Parental Consent Forms or if you have any other questions, Contact: Kathy Childs, Youth Awareness Coordinator (Northern CA.) at the email below.

Kathy Childs

Email: Cell: (650) 520-9004

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