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Weekly Events





- Pool Team - check schedule

- Tuesday Night Country line dancing. Fun, friendly, high energy line dancing. 7:00pm - 10:30PM

- Tango "Practica" 7 - 10pm

- Rick's Varity Show 7:00 - 10pm

- Tacos by Charlie Bell $2.00 each 6:00 - 7:30

- Poker at 6:00

- LineDance Lessons with Nanci 6:30 - 7:30 PM

- Ohana Line Dancing 7:30 - 10:30 PM

Note: Actual Lodge closing time is at the discression of the bartender.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 4, 2024
District Meeting in TBD Legion - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Saturday, June 1, 2024
District Meeting in TBD - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Friday, June 14, 2024
Articles due for Jul/Aug Sunnyvale Moose Lodge Newsletter
Saturday, July 6, 2024
District Meeting in TBD - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Friday, August 9, 2024
Articles due for Sep/Oct Sunnyvale Moose Lodge Newsletter
Saturday, September 7, 2024
District Meeting in TBD - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Saturday, October 5, 2024
District Meeting in TBD - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Friday, October 11, 2024
Articles due for Nov/Dec Sunnyvale Moose Lodge Newsletter
Saturday, November 2, 2024
District Meeting in TBD. Legion - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Saturday, December 7, 2024
District Meeting in TBD - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm

Grand Regent's project

The Women of the Moose recently announced the inception of a Grand Regent's Project. This year, the Grand Regent's project is a $150,000 commitment to provide new furniture and updated flooring in the Ohio Residence at Moosehaven. Upon a recent visit to the residence, well used, dark, heavy, scratched and worn furniture was observed in the rooms of our senior members. While none of the residences complained, new furniture will surely brighen the rooms and spirits of those who who reside in enhanced living. New flooring will assist those using mobility aids and rejuvenate the aesthtic of the home.

As the Women of the Moose hve done in the past, our members and chapters continue to provide a bright future for our residents.

Contributions towards new furniture and flooring in the Ohio Residence at Moosehaven may be sent to Moose Charities, earmarked Grand Regent's Project. Thanks to your generosity, states Grand Regents's Debbie Events. I know we can meet our $150,000 goal by April 30,2024. Moose Charities has received about $15,500 thoward this goal and we are hoping more chapters will participate. Thank you for your support!

Donations may be mailed to the following address:
Moose Charities, 155 S. International Drive, Mooseheart, Il. 60539-1100

President's Message

Eugene Bustichi

Hello members, this is your Captain speaking!

Just kidding. I use to watch a lot of Star Trek. Spring is here. The rain is almost gone. Banks, music, dinners. barbeques, and dues! Please keep your dues current.

You, me.. all of us together are what keeps our Lodge.. your Lodge functioning and I thank you for that. This time next year we will be enjoying our new Lodge. Better dance floor, better kitchen, better bathrooms. Better heating and cooling, and a better social quarters that needs more volunteers, bartenders, and a social quarter's manager that can take some of the work and responsibilities off our Administrator’s mind.

We are also searching for a new administrator to take over forCharlie, as he is retiring soon. If you think you have the time, and might be interested, talk to Charlie, myself, or a boar member. All that said, Thank You for one of the best Lodges in Districct 10!

Eugene Bustichi

God Bless America and All Her Soldiers.

Administrator's Message

Charlie Bell

Administrator’s Message

We need more volunteers. If you would like to help out on Friday night dinners, Sunday Jam Sessions, any lodge function or dinner dance, please contact me so I can call you or schedule you for a monthly dinner. With that said, I would like to thank all the volunteers we have now and through the years. It becomes a tiresome job to do all the time, and I really appreciate all you volunteers do for this lodge.

Thank You, Thank you, Thank You!

As most of you know, Carol and I have applied for Moosehaven and have been accepted. We are really going to miss this lodge and all the members here, we love you all. With that said, we would like to thank the Women of the Moose for hosting our retirement party weekend and thank all the friends that showed up for the events.

Now on a sadder note, we did not receive the coveted Premier Lodge Award this past year, for which we had for 11 in a row, due to a lack of membership. We were minus a 60 members for the year,that is why we started 2 new membership campaigns for this lodge. The first is buy a life membership for half price, the second is pay for three years dues and recieve the 4th on free. Please see the attached membership advertisement. This lack of membership should not happen again if everyone helps with retention.

Charlie Bell

From the Editor

Kay Peterson

I would like to encourage all our members (Lodge, Legion, and Chapters, Women of the Moose) to bring your dues up to date.

You can do this quite easily by logging onto, clicking on the PAY DUES link at the top of the page, entering you member ID, and your last name in the QuickPay Login and clicking the sign in button. From there just follow the prompts.


Kay Peterson

Sunnyvale Moose Lodge Newsletter
Published bimonthly by Sunnyvale Moose Lodge 2049
905 Kifer Road • Sunnyvale CA 94086 408-735-1377

Deadline for submitting content for the next newsletter is the 10th of the month.
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Moose Charities News

Chuck Barber
Moose Charties

Dear Friends,

Please read below how Don and Susan Ridenhour, a couple from Virginia, were inspired to become active doners to Moose Charities.

"I joined the Mooose in 2001 when my friend suggested we try to play there with a band," says Don Ridenhour. "I had no idea idea what it was all about to be a Moose. Thereafter, we both became very involved in Lodge and Chapter operations, culminating with me as Governor from 2006-08 and Susan as Chapter Recorder and Lodge Administrative assistant during the same period."

Don also recalls 2008 at the international Convention in Las Vegas, when he heard Mooseheart valedictorian Jake Stagman speak about our child city. During the "Gimme Five" fundraiser campaign, he went directly out of the meeting and paid his full commitment of $182.50.

"We have had many other moments since then, including the following year when Susan received her cap and gown and joined the College of Regents on the Mooseheart campus in 2009 at the International Convention in Chicago. Our trip to the Mooseheart instilled in us the power of what we do as Moose members. Other moments include having the Virginia House girls at our Salem Lodge #2573, the many conventions we have attended, the people we have met, and the smiles we see on the faces of the children and seniors we support. Those smiles alone are why we will never stop working for the most most outstanding fraternity on the planet, and why we are proud members of the Moose!"

Chuck Barber

Moose legion News

Alan Childs
Moose Legion

The Sunnyvale Moose Lodge #2049 on behalf the GS #15 Moose legion held its 2023-2024 Awards Banguet on Saturday April 13th 2024. District 10 lodges were represented and members from other lodges in No. California and Florida. It was a superb event and all enjoyed a good time. Our Master of Ceremonies was Charlie Bell who did an outstanding job throughout the evening.

International Moose Legion President Charles Barber and wife Patty were our official guests. They were provided tours by Leonard Iniguez, Pacifica and also visited Dist. 10 lodges throughout the weekend.

Charles had Ambassador Ricky Shockley and his wife Rhonda here from Florida and they spent the weekend with us. Secretary Perry James presented the Elite Moose Ring to International Moose Legion PResident Charles Barber and the Moose Legion Medql of Honor to Robert Leon, San Jose Lodge #401.

Sunnyvale members who won prizes wee: Bryon Beck, who won a gas certificate and Manny Velasco who won a 1 Quart Ninga Air Fryer. Congratulations!

Moose Legionnaires of the Year were Bob mcCafferty, San Jose #401; Leonard Iniguez, pacifica #1944; Felix Fetting. Sunnyvale #2049; and Andrew Noce, Santa Cruz #545. Each recieved a certificate.

Tied for 1st place were Felix Fetting and Leonard Iniguez. Both received Golden Spot #15 jackets. President of GS #15 Mitch Williams and International Moose Legion President Charles Barber also received jackets.

Alan Childs

Youth Awareness

Kathy Childs
Moose Youth Awareness

Welcome a Guest, Then Invite Them to Join

When you come to the lodge for your favorite activities, invite a friend or two to join you. On their third visit, please invite them to become a member of the Sunnyvale Moose Lodge. If you need help with the application form, any officer will be happy to assist you. To join the Sunnyvale Moose Lodge, the cost is $70 for the first year which includes $50 dues and a one-time $20 application fee.

As new members join the Lodge, they are also encouraged to additionally become a member of either the Moose Legion (men) or the Women of the Moose (women).

For only $20 extra per year for Moose Legion members or $15 per year for Women of the Moose members, they provide immense help for our Moose Lodge and the children at Mooseheart. The dues from these two groups provide for the Mooseheart Elementary and High School and support the seniors at Moosehaven by providing dozens of different opportunities for them. In addition, membership dues help provide college scholarship opportunities for our local high school students.

If you are not currently a member of either the Moose Legion or Women of the Moose, consider joining. Extra participation is not required, but if you have time and desire to become more active in these groups we also have a lot of fun!

Kathy Childs

Email: Cell: (650) 520-9004

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