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Hours of Operation

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Weekly Events





- Pool Team - check schedule

- Tuesday Night Country line dancing. Fun, friendly, high energy line dancing. 7:00pm - 10:30PM

- Tango "Practica" 7 - 10pm

- Rick's Varity Show 7:00 - 10pm

- Tacos by Charlie Bell $2.00 each 6:00 - 7:30

- Poker at 6:00

- LineDance Lessons with Nanci 6:30 - 7:30 PM

- Ohana Line Dancing 7:30 - 10:30 PM

Note: Actual Lodge closing time is at the discression of the bartender.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 6, 2024
District Meeting in Santa Cruz Legion - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Friday, April 12, 2024
Articles due for May/Jun Sunnyvale Moose Lodge Newsletter
Saturday, May 4, 2024
District Meeting in TBD Legion - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Saturday, June 1, 2024
District Meeting in TBD - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Friday, June 14, 2024
Articles due for Jul/Aug Sunnyvale Moose Lodge Newsletter
Saturday, July 6, 2024
District Meeting in TBD - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm
Friday, August 9, 2024
Articles due for Sep/Oct Sunnyvale Moose Lodge Newsletter
Saturday, September 7, 2024
District Meeting in TBD - 10:00, Council of higher Degrees - 11:00am, Executive board - Noon, Lunch -1:00pm, District meeting 2:00pm

Moosehaven Bright Future Ahead

This $10M project is funded by Moose Charities with the support of you, our members. THe project includes a Riverfront Pavilion, which will be a place to enjoy picnics and other events under the same roof, The pavilion will include lighting, fans, restrooms, and a tiki bar. The covered pavilion and fans will expand our campus activities.

Also included in the new Moosehaven AAA Recreation Center where residents will enjoy an outdoor therapeudic pool, an outdoor patio area, and fitness center. The open floor plan will allow intermingling in the social area. In addition there will be a four lane bowling alley, shuffle-board, darts, billiards, poker, a golf simulator, a game room with retro pinball machines and more.

This spacious multipurpose room will accommodate group exercise and dance classes. The open concept of the building will promote socializing regardless of the sport or activity one may be enjoying.

Who but The Moose can make this $10M dream come true in just three years! This project is sure to brighten our future and serve senior Moose membeer for years to come.

President's Message

Eugene Bustichi

There is always things happening at our lodge. dances, dinners, breakfast, karaoke and more. Plus the District Social once a month. Check out the ad on page 14 or your calendar for dates and times.

Sunnyvale often takes the attendance banner home from the District Social. You can help us take the prize home by attending the social. Our socials are always fun and informative. YOU make this lodge by attending and also volunteering whenever possible. MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK!

Thank you for all you do,

Eugene Bustichi

God Bless America and All Her Soldiers.

Administrator's Message

Charlie Bell

Administrator’s Message

We need more volunteers. If you would like to help out on Friday night dinners, Sunday Jam Sessions, any lodge function or dinner dance, please contact me so I can call you or schedule you for a monthly dinner. With that said, I would like to thank all the volunteers we have now and through the years. It becomes a tiresome job to do all the time, and I really appreciate all you volunteers do for this lodge.

As most of you know, I had a heart attack and as such Carol and I have applied for Moosehaven. So our lodge is looking for a new administrator. You must have computer skills, and a little knowledge of Quickbooks would help also. We probably won”t be leaving for 5 months, so if you are interested please apply quickly so I can give you some training and you can take the classes needed.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Charlie Bell

From the Editor

Kay Peterson

The International Moose Convention is being held in New Orleans this year, July 24-27. Sessions will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

When you are not in session, the city offers a vivid nightlife, world-class dining, and jazz not to mention the history. Take a stroll through the French Quarter or a unique visit to a haunted cemetery.

Check out the entire event at


Kay Peterson

Sunnyvale Moose Lodge Newsletter
Published bimonthly by Sunnyvale Moose Lodge 2049
905 Kifer Road • Sunnyvale CA 94086 408-735-1377

Deadline for submitting content for the next newsletter is the 10th of the month.
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Moose Charities News

Chuck Barber
Moose Charties

Mooseheart is a residential childcare facility, located on a 1,000-acre campus 38 miles west of Chicago. The Child City is a home for children and teens in need, from infancy through high school.

Dedicated in July 1913 by the Moose fraternal organization, Mooseheart cares for youth whose families are unable, for a wide variety of reasons, to care for them. Some have lost one or both parents; others are living in environments that are simply not conducive to healthy growth and development. Whatever the reason, the men and women of the Moose, through unparalleled generosity and volunteerism, furnish the resources necessary to care for children in need. The Moose fraternity provides children with a wholesome home-like environment and the best possible training and education.

A Community Focused on Helping Children

Children live in one of thirty residences designed like a spacious single-family home. Each residence is home for six to twelve children.

The heart of the program is Family Teachers providing a consistent, systematic method of care, with emphasis on social-skills development skills essential for success in later life.

It is Mooseheart's policy to admit qualified children who have a need. The Admissions Committee considers all applications of children in need. Look over their website ( and if we can be of assistance to you or someone you know, please contact the Admissions Office.

Chuck Barber

Moose legion News

Alan Childs
Moose Legion

On January 12th, our LMLC hosted a free dinner in honor of our Moose Legionnaires from Sunnyvale #2049. Moose Legionnaires and their spouses enjoyed a nice meal and were entertained by “Just Us,” Mike Brodick (vocals) and Ron Pappas (guitar). This was in support of Moose Legionnaire Month which is held yearly during January.

Many thanks to all Moose Legionnaires who attended the event, the entire kitchen crew and the musicians.

Our main upcoming event is our Annual Golden Spot #15 Moose Legion Awards Banquet to be held in April. Dates are: April 12th-14th. International Moose Legion President Chuck Barber will be our Official Visitor.

The Pacifica Moose Lodge will host a dinner for Chuck on Friday April 12th. If you desire to attend and want Prime Rib, please RSVP to the Pacifica Moose Lodge at: 650-355-1540. Since the dinner at Pacifica is a Friday night lodge function, anyone may attend to honor Chuck.

The annual Golden Spot #15 Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday April 13th. This is an invitation only function and RSVP required. I will be sending out a detailed mailing to all GS #15 Moose Legionnaires.

The GS #15 Moose Legion Conferral will be held on Sunday April 14th followed by the Moose Legion Installation of Officers. During other times, Chuck may be visiting Moose Lodges in District 10.

Additional information will be provided as we approach the event.

Alan Childs

Youth Awareness

Kathy Childs
Moose Youth Awareness

Welcome a Guest, Then Invite Them to Join

When you come to the lodge for your favorite activities, invite a friend or two to join you. On their third visit, please invite them to become a member of the Sunnyvale Moose Lodge. If you need help with the application form, any officer will be happy to assist you. To join the Sunnyvale Moose Lodge, the cost is $70 for the first year which includes $50 dues and a one-time $20 application fee.

As new members join the Lodge, they are also encouraged to additionally become a member of either the Moose Legion (men) or the Women of the Moose (women).

For only $20 extra per year for Moose Legion members or $15 per year for Women of the Moose members, they provide immense help for our Moose Lodge and the children at Mooseheart. The dues from these two groups provide for the Mooseheart Elementary and High School and support the seniors at Moosehaven by providing dozens of different opportunities for them. In addition, membership dues help provide college scholarship opportunities for our local high school students.

If you are not currently a member of either the Moose Legion or Women of the Moose, consider joining. Extra participation is not required, but if you have time and desire to become more active in these groups we also have a lot of fun!

Kathy Childs

Email: Cell: (650) 520-9004

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